The Church in Australia, on the feast of Pentecost, yesterday marked the official launch of the Plenary Council, which will culminate in gatherings in 2020 and 2021 to consider the Church’s governance, laws and practice.  It is being held to discuss the future of the Catholic Church in Australia.

In a special message for the Catholic community in Australia, Pope Francis said that he hoped “through patient dialogue and faith-filled discernment, the conciliar journey will confirm the Catholics in Australia in a spirit of fraternal unity and missionary discipleship”.

That, the Holy Father said, would enable them to be “a leaven of holiness, justice and reconciliation in today’s rapidly changing society”.

The question we can all think about at this stage is:  What do you think God is asking of us in Australia?

Two historic National gatherings to consider the future of the Catholic Church in Australia will be held in Adelaide in October, 2020 - as announced by the Catholic Bishops Conference.


Further information will be posted here as it becomes available.

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Sunday 20th May from 8.00am to 3.00pm.  Come along and purchase books, DVD's, games and puzzles whilst having a cup of tea and a cake.  

St Bernard's Church, Clairvaux Hall, 74 Fryers St, Belmont.  Tel:  5243 2739


St Thomas, Peninsular Drive, Drysdale:                           Sunday:  9.00am; Thursday 10.00am; Saturday 10.00am; Youth Mass 4th Sunday of the month 5.30pm

Lumen Christi, Kensington Rd, Leopold:                          Sunday:  10.30aam; Wednesday, 10.00am

St Patrick, Harding St Portarlington:                                 Sunday:    9.00am; Friday 10.00am

Sts Philip & James, Murradoc Rd, St Leonards                Sat Vigil:  6.00pm; Tuesday 10.00am

Reconciliation:  9.30am prior to all 10.00am Masses



Holy Trinity, Stevens St, Queenscliff                                 Sunday:  11.00am; Wednesday 9.15am; Friday 9.15am

Star of the Sea, John Dory Dr, Ocean Grove                    Sunday:  9.00am;  Reconciliation 20 mins prior; Tuesday 9.15am; Thursday 9.15am

Holy Family, Hitchcock St, Barwon Heads                        Saturday: Vigil Mass 6.00pm  Reconciliation 20 mins prior



Nazareth Church, Griffith St, Grovedale                           Sunday:  10.30am; Thursday 9.30am

St Therese, Surf Coast Highway, Torquay                        Sunday:  8.45am;  Wednesday 9.30am; Reconciliation Wed 10.00am

St Cdhristopher's, Bingley Pde, Anglesea                        Saturday: 6.00pm VigiL



St Bernard's, Fryers Rd., Belmont                                    Saturday:  6.00pm; Sunday 9.00am; 10.30am; Wednesday 12.00pm; Friday 12.00pm



St Joseph's, Lawler St., Meredith                                     Alternate Sundays 11.00am; Wednesday 11.00am,; Friday 11.00am except for every second Friday at

                                                                                          Bannockburn Nursing Home

Sacred Heart, Hamilton Hgh, Inverleigh                           Sunday 9.00 except for last Sunday in month when it will be at Bannockburn Gymnasium

St Brigid's, 2439 Ballan Rd., Anakie                                 Alternate Sundays 11.00am

St John the Baptist, Harding St., Winchelsea                  Saturday Vigil 6.00pm

St John the Evangelist, High St Bannockburn                 Last Sunday of the month at 9.00am in the stadium



St Francis Xavier Church, Corio                                      Saturday 7.00pm; Sunday 10.30am; Tuesday 9.00am; Thursday 9.00am; Reconciliation 1st Saturday of the month

                                                                                         Reconcilliation: First Saturday of each month at 10.00am and 6.15pm


St Anthony of Padua, Lara                                               Sunday 9.00am; Wednesday 9.00am; 2nd Friday of the month; 4th Friday of the month 10.30am and Seniors Lunch;

                                                                                         Reconciliation:  First Sunday  of each month 8.15am


ST MICHAEL'S PARISH (formerly the Cluster)

Sts Peter & Paul's, Ashby                                                  Saturday 5.00pm

Holy Family, Separation St Bell Park                                 Sunday:  8.00am; 9.30am; 11.00am Croatian Mass; 12.15pm Second Sunday of the month Slovenian Mass

                                                                                           Tuesday 9.15am; Thursday 9.15am

Holy Spirit, Bostock Ave, Manifold Heights                        Sunday: 11.00am; Wednesday 9.00am; Friday 11.00am; First Saturday of the Month 9.00am

Elstoft House (formerly Vincential Village)                         First and Third Mondays 3.00pm

Multicultural Centre                                                            First Friday of the month at 1.30pm



St Mary's Basilica, Yarra St, Geelong                                 Sunday: 7.30am; 9.30am; 11.00am; 12.15pm Polish; 5.30pm                                           

                                                                                            Monday 10.00am afterwards Novena to Our Lday of Perpetual Help; Tuesday 7.00am; 10.00am afterwards

                                                                                            Novena to St Anthony; Wednesday 7.00am;10.00am; Thursday 7.00am; 10.00am

                                                                                            Friday 7.00am; 10.00am; Saturday 9.00am; Reconciliation 9.30;  Vigil Mass 6.00pm

St John of God Hospital Chapel                                          Thursday 11.30am

Mass on the Radio

89.9 Light FM                                                                       Sunday 7.00am

94.7 The Pulse FM                                                               Sunday 10.00am



St Thomas Aquinas, Plume St., North Geelong                  Sunday; 10.00am; Friday 5.30pm; Saturday 6.00pm Vigil Mass; Reconciliation 5.30pm

St John the Evangelist, David St. Rippleside                      Sunday 8.30am; Latin Mass; Wednesday 10.00am; Friday 10.00am




Delivered by Br Mark O'Connor, FMS M.Theol. M Phil.  Pope Francis Fellow, Newman College, University of Melbourne. Member Marist Mission and Life Formation Team

St Bernard's Church, Fryers Rd, Belmont - Thursday 21st June at 7.30pm

Br Mark will speak on the pastoral revolution of Pope Francis from when he took office five years ago.  The talk will explore some of the key pastoral themes:

  • People Come First
  • The Church is a Field Hospital - we must reach out to the peripheries and live a consistent ethic of solildarity
  • God does not ask Perfection of us; all God asks is that we do the best we can 
  • We are all therefore called to practice a discernment charged with merciful love
  • For Pope Francis, the first and living rule is the person of Jesus Christ, his humility, his gentleness, his joy, his love

For further information, please conact Catherine Moon on 0409 007913

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Youth Mass at Drysdale will take place at St Thomas Church, Sunday 22nd April, followed by a Pizza Dinner.

Youth Masses are conducted on the fourth Sunday of each month and young people and their families are very welcome.  For further information, please ring 5251 2502 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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