A couple of weeks ago, St Bernard's farwelled Fr Vince Jewell. Fr Vince was a loved member of the community who had worked very hard over the past seven years.  The farewell Mass was an emotional time for the community.  We thank him for his devoted service and wish him well with his future.


ST MICHAEL'S PARISH                     St Pater & Paul's Ashby - 5.30pm

ST MARY'S PARISH                          Yarra St - 7.00am; 10.00am; 6.00pm (Polish); 7.30pm

CORIO/LARA PARISH                       Corio - 7.00pm; Lara - 9.00am


NORLANE PARISH                           St John's - 10.00am; St Thomas - 5.00pm

DRYSDALE PARISH                         St Leonards - 10.10am; Portarlington - 10.00am; Drysdale - 6.00pm; Leopold - 7.00pm

NORLANE PARISH                           St Johns - 10.00am; St Thomas' - 5.00pm

MEREDITH PARISH                         Bannockburn - 9.00am; Winchelsea  12.00pm; Meredith - 6.00pm

GROVEDALE PARISH                     St Therese, Torquay  - 9.30am

BELMONT PARISH                           St Bernard's - 12.00pm

ST MICHAEL'S PARISH                    Holy Family - 9.15am; Holy Spirit - 9.30am; St Patrick's Primary School - 12.30pm; St Peter

                                                           and Paul's - 5.30pm





A Service of Psalms and Motets from the Office of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.  Music by Gallus, Victoria and Casals, with the Famous 9 Part Setting of Psalm 50 by Allegri.

To celebrate the Year of the Youth, students and parents and their families and young people are invited to a Youth Mass at St Thomas' Drysdale, on the fourth Sunday of every month.  The Mass provides an opportunity for young people to become involved in the preparation and delivery of the Mass.

There will be an opportunity to meet like minded people over a Pizza after the Mass.

For further information contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring 5251 2502