Become Quiet.
For a moment accept yourself gently
as a loving as well as a sinning person.
Allow yourself to be loved by God
whose love is freely given, always
available, ever faithful.
Hollow out a space within yourself
and take into it
all the suffering people of the world.
Recall them to mind:
the sick, the blind, the deaf,
the victims of violence, prisoners,
people in mental homes, the lonely,
the aged, those suffering from discrimination,
the hungry, those with marriage problems.
Open your heart to them.
Let them rush in on you and smother you.
Let the compassion of Jesus
be within you to welcome them.
 Pray to the Father out of their midst.
Let the Spirit express your groan of compassion.
Be silent.
Afterward, go out and be gentle to people.

Sean Caulfield